5 Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD is a popular topic these days, and for a good reason. This natural remedy can relieve a wide variety of ailments, including our furry friends. That’s right, CBD is not just for humans. This blog post will discuss the 5 benefits of CBD for dogs.

CBD oil is derived from hemp and contains little to no THC. This means that it will not make your dog high. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that gets users “high.” CBD oil will not have this effect on your dog, so you can rest assured that giving it to your furry friend will not turn them into a couch potato. Accordingly, look at CBD pet treats by Suzie’s.

Helps with Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons why people give their dogs CBD oil is for pain relief. CBD oil can help to relieve pain from conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and more. If your dog is in pain, they may be more irritable and less likely to want to play or go on walks. Giving them CBD oil can help them to feel more comfortable and improve their quality of life.

Reduces Inflammation

In addition to pain relief, CBD oil can also help to reduce inflammation. This can be helpful for dogs who suffer from conditions like allergies, asthma, and even cancer. By reducing inflammation, CBD oil can help your dog to feel more comfortable and improve their overall health.

Improves Digestion

Another common problem that dogs face is digestive issues. Conditions like diarrhea, constipation, and nausea can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Thankfully, CBD oil can help to improve digestion and alleviate these symptoms. If your dog is having digestive issues, giving them CBD oil can help them to feel more comfortable and improve their appetite.

Reduces Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from anxiety just like humans can. If your dog has separation anxiety or gets nervous during thunderstorms, you may have noticed that they start to pant or pace back and forth uncontrollably. This can be very distressing for both you and your dog. Luckily, CBD oil can help to calm anxious dogs and reduce their stress levels without causing any side effects.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil may also be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s and dementia in dogs. As dogs age, they may start to experience cognitive decline which can be very difficult for pet owners to see their beloved furry friends go through.

While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s or dementia currently available, giving your dog CBD oil may help to slow down the progression of these diseases and improve their quality of life as they age gracefully. (Alzheimer’s Association).

Vihaan Zayd

The author Vihaan Zayd