May 7, 2024


Advantages of Opting for a Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

Around 400 million of the total population has zero access to health insurance. Sadly, even the post-pandemic world is still not able to recognise the importance of health insurance.

Health insurance not only protects individuals and families from financial hardships but also helps foster a healthier and more resilient society. In this article, we shall look into the benefits of health insurance keeping focus on comprehensive health insurance policy.

So, if you are exploring health insurance plans for you and your family, this article will help you make an informed decision.

What is a Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy?

A comprehensive health plan provides a wide range of coverage. It is an all-inclusive health insurance policy that provides comprehensive health benefits over and above basic health insurance policy.

Mostly, when people want additional coverage for advanced medical treatment, they purchase additional insurance plans which are not included in their current insurance policy.

But when you have a comprehensive medical plan, you can add that coverage (if available as an add-on) to your current policy the same way as you add groceries to your shopping cart.

Having a comprehensive health insurance plan ensures timely treatment for you and your family and helps in controlled and hassle-free management of medical finances.

Moreover, you get the flexibility to get add-ons and customise your policy according to your needs, along with wide coverage catering to a slew of medical conditions and treatments.

Advantages of Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

1.      Wide Coverage

The most important advantage of a comprehensive health insurance plan is that you get extensive coverage for your medical needs. You can look at the above list for the wide range of coverage one gets.

Further, you get the flexibility to include add-ons, increase your coverage, add and minus dependents, etc.

2.      Financial Support

With a comprehensive health plan, you can avail of either a reimbursement claim or a cashless claim, which becomes a huge help during times of emergency.

If you opt for a policy from a reputed name like Tata AIG, you can get cashless treatment at any hospital across India.

3.      Family Coverage

Comprehensive insurance allows you to include or remove your family members from the plan as per your requirement.

Sometimes, some comprehensive can also extend their coverage towards in-laws. Further, the sum assured can be planned on an individual basis or family floater, which depends on you.

4.      You get various value-added services.

Some comprehensive medical plans also provide various value-added services such as discounts on medicines purchases, video consultations, discounts on consultations, etc.

5.      Lifetime Renewability

Certain health insurance plans have an age limit beyond which they cannot be renewed. This is mainly due to the high health risk associated with elderly individuals. However, that’s not the case with comprehensive health plans, as they usually have the benefit of lifetime renewability.

6.      Pre-existing Disease Coverage

Many insurance providers offer comprehensive insurance plans that cover pre-existing diseases. Typically, the insurance provider lists down a set of pre-existing diseases that are covered and with a certain waiting period, which usually ranges from 2-4 years.

7.      Cover Outpatient Expenses

Your comprehensive plan may cover outpatient expenses, which regular insurance often doesn’t. This includes doctor’s visits, diagnostic tests, medical procedures, and treatments conducted in a clinic, doctor’s office, or outpatient facility.

8.      No Claim Bonus

Insurance providers offer no claim bonus on their comprehensive health plan, which means the insured is awarded a specific discount or cumulative bonus.

The discount is offered for not raising claims during the policy term and can be used at the time of renewal.

What is Generally Covered Under Comprehensive Health Insurance?

Following are the aspects which are generally covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan

  1. In-patient and outpatient treatment coverage
  2. Pre- and post-hospitalisation cost coverage
  3. Doctor consultations coverage
  4. Daycare coverage
  5. Alternative treatment coverage (AYUSH)
  6. Daily hospital allowance coverage
  7. Consumable expenses coverage
  8. Emergency ambulance service coverage
  9. Domiciliary procedures coverage
  10. Treatment for severe illnesses coverage
  11. Personal accidental cover
  12. Health check-ups and medical tests coverage
  13. Childbirth delivery coverage, both normal and caesarean

What Coverage Does Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy Not Cover?

Following are some of the aspects which are not covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan

  1. Cosmetic or some fancy procedures and surgeries
  2. Damages caused by self-infliction/self-harm
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  4. Procedures and treatments performed in foreign lands and not in India


Comprehensive health plan is the best insurance plan if you are looking for extensive coverage. Further, you will be worry-free about financial burdens as it covers medical expenses, supporting you in your time of need.

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